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Hufflepuff Qualities ( if their not already obvious)

Hufflepuffs are more modest and less competitive. Also they are the most inclusive of all the houses and will stick by you through and through. We value hard work, fair play, dedication, loyalty and patience. The other houses might seem more brave, cunning or witty, but their not going to look so smart when they show up drenched head to toe because the had to run from one building to another and it was raining, but their Hufflepuff friend went to find them cos they weren’t in class, then found them, got them cleaned up and found a umbrella. or when they  had to study but didnt want to go to the library on their own so their ( say with me now ) hufflepuff friend went with them. so what im trying to say is that hufflepuff put others first. Hufflepuff is kinda like the glue that holds the houses together. 



This is a HUGE list. It's from a website's post. Here's the link: http://pottermoreanalysis.tumblr.com/post/29570824705/the-traits-of-the-four-houses-by-request

The list won't fit in the comment..... so go check it out!

28th Mar, 18

Haha now I'm imagining us using PVA glue to stick a Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor together because they were fighting

29th Mar, 18

lol, i can picture that so clealy, theyve all got it in their hair and in the weirdest places. i defintiely will look at the list , thanks

29th Mar, 18

the glue in their hair i meant, lol, last day of school, brains not working

29th Mar, 18

I think that hufflepuffs are very courageous in an understated kind of way.

13th Aug, 19